We at Guiding Star Tampa understand the importance of spiritual support and pastoral care in the healing process. Times of uncertainty and challenges are never easy, and the support of family, friends, faith communities and religious practices become all the more important.

Our Services
Health and healing involve the whole person – mind, body and spirit.
Our volunteer Pastoral Care members are integral members of our health care team. They come from a variety of faith backgrounds, ministering to all who seek reassurance and comfort.
Our services include:
• Pastoral conversation, listening and prayer
• Contacting your clergy person or faith leader
• Support in seeking meaning and hope
• Support in making a difficult decision
• Bibles and other Holy Scriptures
• Devotional resources

Worship Services
We partner with area churches that welcome our patients/clients to be a part of their worship community.

Sacred Space
We have designated space at the center that we call our chapel. It is available for reading, prayer, rest and reflection. Spiritual resources in this room include reading materials from diverse faith.