The Guiding Star Project is excited to announce formal relationships with several prominent Fertility Care and Natural Family Planning organizations.

  •  SymptoPro Fertility Education from Northwest Family Services, headquartered in Portland, OR
  • Couple to Couple League International, headquartered in Cincinnati, OH
  • FEMM Health, headquartered in New York, NY
  • FACTS about Fertility, headquartered in Washington, DC
  •  Natural Womanhood, headquartered in San Antonio, TX

These organizations have joined with the Guiding Star Project in a goodwill partnership to increase education and access to resources and materials concerning fertility and natural family planning for women and families.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer women options and information about their fertility,’ said Leah Jacobson, Founder of the Guiding Star Project, ‘Women’s bodies are amazing. Their natural processes should be celebrated and not suppressed. Guiding Star is committed to empowering women to embrace their natural abilities and these partnerships are a huge step in that direction.’

While the organizations who are partnering with Guiding Star all approach fertility care using different methods, they are united around the idea that women can have both choice and freedom with respect to their fertility without sacrificing their health, or denying their bodies’ natural functions.