Creighton Model FertilityCare System (

FertilityCare System Facts:

The FertilityCare System teaches a woman and couple to identify the fertile and infertile days in her cycle.  The couple then uses this information to plan or avoid a pregnancy. The System is based on the observation and tracking of physical signs a woman has when she is fertile.

The system has a 99.6% degree of effectiveness to avoid pregnancy and a very high degree of accuracy in achieving pregnancy. A meta analysis of five effectiveness studies was published in the “Journal of Reproductive Medicine.”

The FertilityCare System is more than Natural Birth Control:

Couples report the FertilityCare System is so much more than natural birth control. Birth control has only one purpose, preventing pregnancy. The FertilityCare System is also very effective to achieve pregnancy. As an additional benefit, couples report that their communication increases. Women express appreciation that this method also involves the couple and that it helps her to understand her body.

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