About US:

Guiding Star Tampa (GST), is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to provide holistic women’s care and pregnancy and birthing services to the Tampa Bay area. Tammara (Tammy) Masut is one of the founding members of GST and currently serves as the Clinical Director and interim Executive Director. There are four permanent board members with three at large members joining our team.

In February 2022 GST became an affiliate of the Guiding Star Project. The Guiding Star Project is a nationwide family of care centers that empower women to understand, embrace, and love their natural bodies. They facilitate cooperation between compassionate care providers to serve women and families in a growing community of convenient, professional, and welcoming locations. They are passionate about providing holistic women’s care and prenatal care which offers women a whole-life approach that honors their bodies, minds, and spirits. GST is aligned with the foundation of the national project and its purpose-driven mission.

GST only exists as a virtual (internet) location at present. Equipment donations that are received are stored in a donated space in a warehouse until a suitable physical location is found. One of the criteria for the location of GST is to establish it on a transportation route that is easily accessible to the women we hope to serve. GST will establish its office once a proper facility is purchased or leased through donations and fundraising. Our planned timeline is within the next six to nine months. GST would like to be in a safe, welcoming facility that can accommodate the growing need to educate women of all ages about their ability to make informed decisions about their health with an appropriate care provider. GST has established this internet website with the purpose to promote its mission and provide a secure way to make online donations.

Guiding Star Tampa is an affiliate location of The National Guiding Star Project — a U.S. based family of women’s wholistic healthcare centers.

The National Guiding Star Project’s affiliate locations share a vision for empowering women to understand, embrace, and love their wonderful bodies. We facilitate the work of compassionate healthcare providers who serve women and families in convenient, professional Guiding Star locations. We’re creating the “new norm” in women’s healthcare.