“For many years I helped in different ministries working with children of all ages but I wanted to try something new. When I found out about Guiding Star Tampa I hurried for the opportunity to experience something new. The first emotion was fear. I truly feared being outside of my element of speaking and helping individuals with some of life’s decision. With each passing moment, I thank God for the opportunity to help people, yet learned they help me so much more. I learned the value of friendship and to appreciate the smallest things in life. As a volunteer, I learned that most of the time our clients are really helping us. The Lord’s plan is greatly prepared with each member in this facility. The families that volunteer their time and effort do it with love. A client can enter and feel the love as it overflows from the warmth of each person’s heart. I thought that I would be out of my comfort zone but instead this path has been a perfect fit.” – Vanessa R.

Volunteer Opportunities:


·  Registered Nurses/LPNs

·  Sonographers

·  LifeCoaches

·  Healing ministries group facilitators

·  Fertility Care practitioners

·  Doulas

·  Lactation Consultants


·  Handyman services

·  Computer/IT help

·  Clerical/data entry assistants

·  Receptionist


·  Gala committee members

·  Donor Relationship coordinators

·  Women’s Luncheon committee members

·  Public Relations/Media liaisons

·  Church community liaisons

·  Marketing professionals

If you would like to explore how you can become involved, please call for an appointment at 813.948.773