Volunteer Opportunities                                                                                 Call 813.948.7734

“For many years I helped in different ministries but I wanted to try something new. When I found out about Guiding Star Tampa I hurried for the opportunity to experience something new. The first emotion was fear. I truly feared being outside of my element of speaking and helping individuals with some of life’s decision. With each passing moment, I thank God for the opportunity to help people, yet learned they help me so much more. I learned the value of friendship and to appreciate the smallest things in life. As a volunteer, I learned that most of the time our patients are really helping us. The families that volunteer their time and effort do it with love. A patient can enter and feel the love as it overflows from the warmth of each person’s heart. I thought that I would be out of my comfort zone but instead this path has been a perfect fit.” – Vanessa R.


Medical Services/Programs:

  • Registered Nurses/LPNs
  • Sonographers
  • LifeCoaches
  • Healing ministries group facilitators
  • Fertility Care practitioners
  • Doulas
  • Lactation Consultants

· Handyman services
· Computer/IT help
· Clerical/data entry assistants
· Receptionist

· Gala committee members
· Donor Relationship coordinators
· Public Relations/Media liaisons
· Church community liaisons
· Marketing professionals